10 Must-See Journalism Movies


Like scotch and food, movies are subjective — not scientific.

This is my list. Not THE list.

If you’re looking for movies from the 1940’s and 50’s, you won’t find them here. This is a relatively contemporary list — a list of movies my kids would watch.

My goal here is to give the reader a well rounded selection of movies about journalists and journalism. Some of these movies are about serious issues and the tenacity of journalism. Some of these are about the ethical challenges that face journalists. And, some are simply about the qualities of journalists and what makes them, in my opinion, some of the most interesting and complex people in society.

Please feel free to chime in with your thoughts:

“Page One”


“Good Night, and Good Luck”


“All the President’s Men”


“The Insider”




“The Killing Fields”


“Shattered Glass”


“State of Play”


“The Year of Living Dangerously”


“Almost Famous”


Honourable Mention (on the lighter side):

“The Paper”


“Wag the Dog”


“Thank You For Smoking”


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